These days, Carol regularly incorporates a variety of modalities into her consults, using an integrative approach. She has a vast array of tools in her kit, and applies them to each patient as required.

Her focus is on addressing the underlying cause of problems rather than just simply 'treating' a set of symptoms. She is excited by Wellness Education, spreading the word about how to maximise nutrition and minimise toxic load on the body, enabling it to return to its natural state of good health. 

She is as passionate about helping people as ever, particularly those who are stuck in a chronic illness rut. She seeks to restore their hope in health, and to steer them towards health and happiness with simple, achievable strategies. 

Carol's journey to good health took over a decade. More medical professionals than can be counted were involved in the original failure to reach a diagnosis. The final steps, which achieved an almost complete recovery, took only years. Not decades. From a state of chronic ill-health that saw Carol bed-bound and debilitated, she has returned to a full, busy and fun life -- without medication! Doctors had given up hope, and that almost led to her doing so likewise. Her mission now is to inspire people to keep the faith - you can fight for your health, and you must do so!


Carol is a health professional with over thirty years' experience as a physiotherapist. A personal battle with a crippling auto-immune condition led Carol to question her health focus. 

Now, Carol helps people to control their own health destiny by combining traditional practices with an holistic approach: diet, lifestyle, meditation and empowerment are key in regaining your own healthful future.

Information is power!

Contact Carol with a short history of your health to discuss treatment options and adjustments YOU can make, to immediately enjoy a better quality of life.

From simple dietary attunements, to introducing gentle, non-toxic supplements to your routine, there are so many things you can do to achieve your own results. 

There is no magic tablet that can cure chronic illness. Ownership is the hardest step you will take - recognise that you have the power to help yourself heal and give your body its best chance.


In addition to her formal physiotherapy

qualifications, Carol is:

Reiki Master/Teacher
Seichim Master
Oneness Blessing Giver
Certified Angel Card Reader

about carol

As a physiotherapist, Carol worked for over thirty years in her own private practice. She thrived on treating  backs and necks, and had a special interest in women's health ie pregnancy and beyond, pelvic floor rehab., mastitis etc.
She ran childbirth education classes and lectured to midwives regarding pelvic floor anatomy and exercises. She formulated and initiated the very first pregnancy fitness classes in Adelaide over 30 years ago. In addition, she visited several private hospitals to treat and educate new mums, and to see as many people each day for in -room consultations and hands on treatments.

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