10 years ago, I became suddenly ill and didn't recover, until recently! I was running my own busy physiotherapy practice and had teenage children still living at home. I picked up a bug on a camping trip in the Riverland whilst kyaking in 46 degree temperatures, maybe not the smartest idea with hindsight. I couldn't understand why I didn't recover. I had to leave work and kept looking for answers in the medical spheres but only found more questions.

I was eventually diagnosed with M.E., a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was very debilitating and my main symptom was unrelenting head ache which made everything very difficult. For 2 years I was practically bed bound. MRI showed multiple lesions that looked like M.S., and blood tests showed that my cells were only producing energy at 25% of normal levels. I tried multiple therapies and regimes but got nowhere fast.

Six years after onset, I had another diagnosis, a level 3 malignant melanoma on my thigh! The prognosis looked grim and for a short time I found myself thinking it would be a relief to die. It shocked and frightened me that I could even have this thought, and gave me the impetus to look further afield. I had hit rock bottom and was ready to launch upwards. I made a decision to find a way to be happy no matter what, and the people I needed started coming into my life. I discovered meditation which calmed my inflamed nervous system and I stopped looking for a cure outside of myself. I studied energy healing and found this surprisingly helpful. I had turned a corner.

I learned about toxic load on the body, had my amalgam fillings removed, and changed our personal and home care products to a safe range that I could trust. I even stopped coloring my hair, and went gracefully gray. I changed my diet to as 'whole food' based as possible, removing most processed foods and additives. I minimized sugar and dairy intake, drank more clean water and moved my body gently but regularly. I provided my body with the best possible nutrition, supported it with quality supplementation, and trusted its amazing capacity to heal. My head pain started to subside, my energy levels picked up and I gradually got my life back on track.

You can change your health destiny, too. You have so much more power than you realize. Every decision you make is an opportunity for wellness, so choose well. 

Carol's health journey