what can you Do?

7. Believe that you hold the answers. Let go of what no longer serves you, and be open to welcoming the goodness that is in your future.

Then trust in the body's amazing ability to regenerate and restore it's natural state of good health . . . 

Regaining your health is not a complex equation. 

It takes commitment and information. 

If you have both, you have all that you need. 

1. Look at your nutrition. 

Your body needs the right fuels to power it properly. 

2. Heal your gut. 

Long known to cause a number of ailments by the homeopathic profession, mainstream medicine has come to acknowledge the link between the flora in one's gut and the general wellbeing of their brain and body. 

3. Treat yourself kindly.

Your inner voice shapes your own reality.

4. Detox from additives, allergens and toxicity.

5. Manage your stress. Calm your nervous system, calm yourself. Deep breaths, slow down the speed of your life.

6. Hydrate! Most of us do not get enough water. Drink your way to a healthier you.